Frequently Asked Questions

Assisted Living is a movement fueled by the desire of many Americans to receive quality long term care for their loved ones that maximizes dignity, independence, and choice. Assisted Living residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence in their daily living routines as possible. Our guiding philosophy hinges on wellness not “treatment.” Care plans are developed to address not only the physical but the social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of each resident.

The Aphrodite ALH residents’ receive individualized services to help them function within the facility and within the community. Upon admission, a service agreement is developed which includes an assessment or evaluation of the resident’s physical and psychosocial needs that is reviewed and updated regularly by the administrator and staff, and as the residents condition indicates. The resident, family, or responsible party is encouraged to play an active role in the development of the service agreement.

A care coordinator is designated to be responsible party for the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating the progress of the service agreement.

Residents who experience period of incapacity due to illness, injury or recuperation from surgery can remain in the facility, or be readmitted from a hospital, if appropriate services can be provided by the residence.

Aphrodite ALH has a very broad approach to care, meaning we provide additional care services, such as Extended Care, Hospice and Home Health Care.
bullet Personalized care plans that meet the individual needs of each resident based on assessment
bullet Three nutritious meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a group dining room and three snacks between meals;
bullet Medication management, or assist with self-administration of medicine by a trained staff person;
bullet Social, educational and other related and devotional services
bullet Leisure and recreational activity program
bullet Local scheduled transportation
bullet Arranging medical, health, and dental care services for each resident.
bullet Utilities (excluding telephone and cable TV)
bullet Laundry, linen service, housekeeping, and maintenance;
bullet Maintenance of building and grounds
bullet A range of services that promote the quality life and independence of the individual such as: ADL needs, (help with eating, bathing, dressing, ROM, etc.);

We don’t provide skilled nursing care, but Physical Therapy, Home Health, and Hospice can come to the AALH just as they would if the resident were in their own home. Our goal is to keep our residents forever; however, there are times when that aren’t possible. For instance, if a resident has surgery, they may need skilled care for a short time before they move back into our home.

Depending upon the community, there will be LPNs and RNs coming from other Home Health Care Agencies to provide a routine check up to residents with special needs as advised by their attending family physician.

When you complete a Priority Reservation Agreement, you are placed on a waiting list and notified as soon as a room becomes available. Some communities have waiting lists and others do not.

You may visit any time of the day or night; it is just like living in your own home.